Call of Duty Mobile Guide: Everything you need to know about its class system


It has been a few weeks since Call of Duty rolled out for the mobile platforms. And at the very least, the game competes with PUBG MOBILE in terms of player involvement. In fact, we did a comparison with PUBG MOBILE a few days ago and found that the Activision’s Call of Duty Mobile is ahead of PUBG MOBILE in certain areas, especially gameplay and graphics. However, like PUBG MOBILE, Call of Duty Mobile requires the player to understand some of its features to enjoy the game.

In essence, for you to play Call of Duty Mobile like an ace, you need to have a basic idea about the franchise and how its previous games used to work. And if you are like me who hasn’t played Call of Duty ever, then it must be a struggle to get along with the game, especially with the class system. Unlike PUBG MOBILE, Call of Duty Mobile requires you to choose a class while playing in the multiplayer mode.

If this class system is confusing to you, then here’s a brief explanation that might help you in a massive way as a novice.

Call of Duty Mobile: Class system explained


As a scout, the player gets a massive power give you an idea about hostile positions in the vicinity. The player gets to use Sensor Darts that can give you an idea about which areas nearby you run a huge risk. Scouts can also track footprints of enemies nearby with the tracker ability.


This is nothing like the name suggests. In fact, as a clown, the player gets a very special power summon zombies. Yes, zombies!

With the toy bomb, a clown can summon zombies to protect him/her from the enemies nearby. Zombies will attack the enemy and giving the player time to escape or run for safety. The clown can also limit enemy zombies in their aggression.


As the name suggests, a mechanic gets to use all the cool gadgets in the team. As a mechanic, the player can summon an EMP drone that will halt all electrical operations on the enemy team.

Apart from the EMP drone, a mechanic can also get to use the Engineer ability that will help him/her get an augmented view of vehicles, traps set up by enemies and other items.


As a Medic, the player is essentially the one responsible for looking after the team members. The Medic gets to heal players nearby. Additionally, the rate at which the Medic can heal himself/herself is faster than other players.